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What Should I Blog About?

What Should I Blog About?

It has come to this. You’ve gone and got yourself a blog, or you’ve been told by various people that you should be blogging. But what should you blog about?

Well, let’s start by taking a look at your business and what can be achieved there.

What Do You Do?

Trust me, people want to hear about the expertise your company has in your field. The knowledge you use on a daily basis may not seem valuable to you, but it is gold-dust to anyone looking for that information…however dull you think it is!

What’s Going On?

There’s something new in the news every day (i know, we’re stating the obvious here). Is there a news article that has been published that is relavent to your business, or your line of work? There’s an opportunity right there to get a word out about it – show off your knowledge, or give your comment on the news. Do you find you are struggling with this? Perhaps you may benefit from a PR spokesperson to hunt out these key stories for you.

What Type Of Person/Business Are You?

What is your business personality? Are you a fun and outgoing business or are you more professional and formal? Play on your personality and let that shine through in your blog articles. Be funny if you like, or take a stand and put your point across. It’s your blog, after all!


…I’ve done all that, and i’ve run out of ideas!

Well, that’s a bit of a shame, isn’t it. All is not lost though, as there’s still a lot of other places to get your ideas and inspiration from:

  • Other Businesses (don’t copy them though – that’s just silly. What are they blogging about? Why not use that concept but put your own spin on it?)
  • Social Media (The chances are you’re following a brand or company that is a ‘key player’ in your industry – you may see something from them on one of their Social Networks or maybe a relavent influencer in your industry).
  • Varying Content (It’s not all text posts…create a short video or create an infographic!)
  • Offline Resources (Been to a seminar recently? Seen a magazine article? Plenty of opportunities for comment and thought leadership there.)

Now, we could spend hours more talking about how the humble blog could benefit your business if harnessed properly, but we hope that this has given you just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing! If you want more advice or assistance with your blog, or any of your digital marketing then do get in touch using the comment area below,  send us an email or give us a call!

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