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Social Media Training & Consultation

There used to be a time when the Internet was restricted to the lucky few and communication was merely through chat rooms. Not anymore however. The world is Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming their food at all times of day and at different places around the globe.

So, how does a business interact with their target market using these networks, and how do the people that are successful with Social Media make it happen?

Well, it’s not a big secret, but unfortunately not something that everyone has picked up on. So, that’s where we come in. Through our highly regarded Social Media training sessions and consultancies we provide the following services and much more:

  • Target your business’ place on the social networks
  • Highlight areas of opportunity to reach key contacts
  • Advise and consult in depth regarding content to maximise your messages
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance

Our engaging and informative sessions offer your business a great chance to get to grips with Social Media. We offer a range of sessions tailored to your business needs and will help you to fully understand and utilise the networks, however you wish to, wether it be to increase sales, improve customer communication or improve traffic through to your website.

We also work 1-2-1 with a selection of businesses, offering a full service including content creation and proliferation throughout their selected networks.

Need more information? Give us a call, or send us a message and we’ll get back to you. Or, whilst we are on the subject, Tweet us or leave a note on our Facebook page!

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